Our Vision: A community of seniors who feel safe and comfortable in their homes, enjoy the many benefits of lasting friendships and engaging social activities, and have a reliable place to turn when they need help or have questions.

Our Mission: To enable Greenwich seniors to confidently age in place by providing stimulating social and educational programs and assistance with matters of health and safety.                                     



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Marv & Susan Berenblum

Carol & George Crapple 

Mr. & Mrs. Pearson C. Cummin III

Dick and Phoebe Ford 

Greenwich Hospital 

Diane and Jeffery Jennings

Suzy & John Kjorlien

Brian & Helen Maher 

Martine & Co. 

Hawley & Jack McAuliffe

Alice Melly

Susan & Phillip Ness

Heidi Nolte

Paula K. Oppenheim 

Betsy Parker

Diana & Charles Revson

Margot & Charles Tusa 

Joy Ubina

Varmax Liquor Pantry 

Visiting Angels- Jim & Carol Keane

Mary Staples and David Webber

Sarah Whittemore