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At Home in Greenwich, a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization, provides Greenwich residents professional guidance to meet life’s challenges and live confidently in their own homes as they grow older. Through trusted personal assistance, vetted support services, social connections, events and information, help is just a phone call away.


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We came and had a wonderful time!  Thanks again to our sponsors!!


Sally Foreman-Reed

Beth & Mitch Jennings

Hope & Wayne Leizear

McArdle’s Florist & Garden Center

Moffly Media

Patricia & Joseph Solari

Varmax Wine & Liquor Pantry

Sarah Whittemore


Mindy Lang Andrusko

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Roseann & Scott Benedict

Harriet & Marcel Dekker

Diane & Jeffrey Jennings

Sterling Care Home Health Services

Tides Inn, Virginia



Mrs. H. Nash Babcock

Gloria & Tony Besthoff

Nanny & Marty Cannon

Courtney & Christopher Combe

Carol & George Crapple

Ann & Jonathan DuBois

Patricia & Eric Fast

Phoebe & Richards Ford,lll

Greenwich Hospital

Suzy& John Kjorlien

Hope & Wayne Leizear

Helen & Brian Maher

Hawley Hilton McAulliffe

Paula Oppenheim

Martha O. Shoemaker, Esq. &

Dr. Ecrument Ozizmir

Natalie Pray

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Royce

Privatus Care SolutionsDiana & Charles RevsonElaine SeedsMary Staples Webber & David Webber

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At Home in Greenwich is part of the  Village to Village Network .  We are modeled after Beacon Hill Village in Boston, which was founded in 2001.  The need for villages such as At Home in Greenwich is growing as our population ages.   There are currently over 100 others nationwide, over 120 in the planning stages and the numbers are constantly growing. Each village is unique to its area and resources.


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