Q. What does the At Home in Greenwich support network look like?

The member’s first point of contact is our office at 139 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT O6830. All concerns, problems, and referrals are managed by our Executive Director, a licensed clinical social worker. With over 30 years of experience, she utilizes town services, vetted services, and supervised volunteers to provide for a member’s needs. The Executive Director’s office is staffed by professionals and volunteers. Members who are also volunteers often assist with programming and service delivery. The Executive Director is guided by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council.

Q. What do you do that no one else in town does? 

No one provides the detailed service and coordinating capabilities of At Home in Greenwich. No organization but At Home in Greenwich will find a reliable plumber, take notes at the doctor’s office, suggest ways to make a living situation safer and more manageable, deliver a prescription, and then invite you to a tea party!

Q. Is any of this a duplication of services already available in Greenwich?

At Home in Greenwich is also designed to complement excellent services available in our community, not duplicate them. You benefit from additional, simple access to services that others don’t provide. That includes offering members a unique events program, an interesting social network, and reliable assistance with their needs of whatever sort.  At Home has developed many community partnerships to further provide for the members.

Q. If I’m not ready for any of the services now, why should I join?
With your support now, you can be confident that At Home in Greenwich will be there when you do need it. In the meantime you can already enjoy and participate in the wealth of services and activities At Home in Greenwich offers.  You’ll meet new friends by participating in our activities and volunteering to help others. As a member, you’ll also have direct input into how At Home in Greenwich can serve you now and in the future.

Q. Does At Home in Greenwich offer scholarships for those who cannot afford the membership fee?

Yes, thanks to donations, At Home in Greenwich has developed a scholarship program designed to help those who need financial assistance with the membership fee.  Call the Executive Director at 203.422.2342 for details.  This,  and all personal information, remains strictly confidential between the potential member and the Executive Director.

Q. Will all information about me be kept confidential and secure?

Yes, all information about any member is strictly confidential. The office is locked and our data base is password protected.

Q. Can I sign up my parent(s) to become members?

Yes, and it would be wonderfully reassuring for you and your parent(s) if they could call At Home in Greenwich when they need help.

Q. Can you notify me if my parents have any problems?

We can contact you with permission from your parent(s) or in emergency situations.